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Weighing Doctor Ratings

When trying to find a physician, how much should doctor ratings play into the equation?

Knowing information about a physician is never a bad thing, but potential patients need to be careful not to put too much stock in the review of an anonymous person or two on a doctor ratings website. Getting a sense of patients’ feelings about a doctor is important, but should only play a partial role in your overall decision to visit or not visit a certain physician.

Gone for most people are the days of opening the insurance company’s brochure of doctors in its network and simply choosing one of the doctors listed. With so much information available on doctors and their practices, most people are going to spend at least a little time researching physicians to see who is a better fit with them. Click

While it may be easier to stay with a physician even though you might not be totally thrilled with them, there are benefits to finding a physician who is a better fit with your lifestyle and needs. There is the option of asking family, friends and co-workers for recommendations as a way to find a physician with whom you are comfortable. Sometimes posting on a site that deals with the condition you are seeking a physician for (arthritis, pregnancy, etc.) can lead to several recommendations. Most comments on these sites are from people looking to help, not physicians’ staffers trying to drum up business.

Know when scanning review sites on doctors that most people in your area are going to try to get appointments with the top-ranked physician or two. It’s no great thing to get with a top physician, but rarely be able to get into to see him or her when you need. Finding a less-established …

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