June 2, 2023

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How to EFT Tap For Envy

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Do you feel envious of others for no good reason? Does that green-eyed monster plague you? Are you trying to resolve it with EFT but are stuck? If the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, this is an example of doing EFT for envy. Our heroine is Gina, and she is tapping for her envy of Carla. You can just adapt this script to your own situation.

How do you climb a mountain?

Step by step!

You do not keep jumping and hoping to reach the top somehow. You just have to go step by step.

It is the same with EFT. How do you get over envy? Incident by incident. There are very intersting techniques emerging now such as GNM and Meta-Medicine. Both have proved that a specific incident is retained by our body and can actually be seen physically in an MRI. So tapping on one incident after another does make sense. Here is how.

Ask yourself who you are envious of right now and why. Let us say it is Carla, because she has a beautiful new bag. Then ask yourself as you think of Carla when you first found out about her new bag, where were you? Was it Sandy telling you on the phone? Was it when you met Carla for lunch and she had the bag with her? Be very specific.

Now you have one incident. Next, ask yourself, on a scale of 10-0, how envious do you feel when you think of that incident? If you cannot do 10-0, just rate it Small, Medium, and Large or There and Not-There. Keep tapping the following Setup and Reminder till it is gone or virtually gone.


“Even though I have this feeling about Carla and her new bag, I deeply love and accept myself”


“This feeling about Carla and her new bag”

It may take you an hour, a day, a week, or a month tapping on this one incident, but it will be gone. All it takes is persistence. After you collapse this one specific incident, ask yourself for only one more. Whichever comes to you is the right one to work on just then. Never say no to working on an incident your mind comes up with if you think it is not good enough. And do not fall into the trap of not working on it because you feel it is not a root cause. Even when there are root causes to be worked on, when we work on enough incidents at the surface, one of the root cause incidents will start to emerge to be worked on.

My guess is that if you do this protocol every day for three months, you will get somewhere. This is even if the issue is very resistant and you cannot find out why it is resistant.

Wishing you peace and every tapping success.

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