June 2, 2023

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What Cause Gum Bleeding?

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What do Bleeding Gums Mean? | Hendersonville Family Dental

We don’t really take care of our oral health until we have to. And that is the reason behind all sorts of problems we face, orally. Gum bleeding is one of those consequences.

While caring for your teeth is significant, many individuals fail to remember the importance of taking good care of the gums and often forget to add it to their oral cleanliness routine. Since gums offer significant support for your teeth, take great care of them and take action immediately when you see your gum bleeding.

But before that, let’s educate you on why your gum might be bleeding:

Common Cause of Gum Bleeding

Having poor-fitting dental appliances. Inadequately fitting false teeth, braces, bridges, and crowns rub against your gums, and may even slice into the tissue to cause bleeding. If you feel pain and disturbance from your dental appliances, contact your dentist to have it changed in accordance with fit appropriately.

Brushing too forcefully or brushing with a strong-bristled toothbrush. Forceful tooth brushing aggravates gum tissues and may make your gums bleed. Furthermore, brushing with hard or firm bristles additionally harms the sensitive tissues and may cause bleeding. Hence, gum bleeding dentist often recommend brushing with great care.

Beginning a new flossing routine. Whenever you start flossing consistently, it’s typical for your gums to bleed for the initial days. The tissue needs time to conform to the new routine, and the bleeding should stop within some weeks. The more consistently you floss, the more used your gums will become.

Flossing too forcefully is another reason. Dragging the floss against your gums disturbs the tissues and may cause gum bleeding. Whenever you floss, tenderly slide the floss between your teeth and move it along the bend of every tooth as opposed to snapping it straight up into your gums.

Encountering an injury or trauma. Sharp food sources or pieces can cut or scratch your gum tissue and cause bleeding. Try not to put non-food things in your mouth to lessen your chances of injury.

Serious Causes of Gum Bleeding

Certain reasons for gum bleeding are serious and require clinical care. Assuming you experience gum bleeding that lasts for a very long time or gum bleeding along with different signs then contact your dentist. We would suggest you search for “gum bleeding treatment near me” right away the minute you see the below signs and comprehend the causes.

Serious reasons for gum bleeding include:

Gum disease or periodontitis- Gum bleeding along with swelling, redness, soreness, or bad breath is an indication of early gum tissue (gum disease). Gum disease is a reason for plaque development and poor oral cleanliness. If you don’t treat gum disease, it will advance into extreme gum infection (periodontitis). Periodontitis causes bone loss, tooth loss, abscesses, and retreating gums.

Plaque build-up- Plaque and tartar (solidified plaque) build-up along the gum line is one of the most widely recognized reasons for gum bleeding. A sticky film of plaque develops when the bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars from the food you eat. Sugar sets off the bacteria to deliver an acid that destroys tooth enamel and causes pits and gum infection. If you eat a ton of sweet and sticky food varieties, or don’t follow a good flossing and brushing routine, plaque build-up on your teeth and gums causes aggravation, irritation, and gum bleeding.

Pregnancy gum disease- Fluctuating chemicals during pregnancy can cause swollen, sensitive gums, gum bleeding, and gum diseases.

Medications- Certain drugs have blood-thinning impacts and may build risks for gum bleeding. Meds incorporate anticoagulants, immunosuppressants, and ibuprofen.

Lacks of nutrients- Lacks in Vitamins C and K might make gums bleed.

An underlying medical condition- Bleeding gums might be one of the side effects of a common medical condition like diabetes, bleeding problems, or leukemia.

In such cases, it’s always recommended to seek out a dentist by searching “gum bleeding dentist near me” online. Only the experts would be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the bleeding, so don’t try to figure out the cause by yourself as that will only waste your time. That can make the condition so much worse. Along with that, stay away from DIY treatments.

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